Welcome to Sweden, president Obama

Press release


We are the Christian Democratic Party Women’s Association. Your visit is an honour to us. Warm welcome to our country.

We work for gender equality on a national as well as an international level and we would like to highlight some key areas that we find especially important today:

Peace in Syria. Let us find a peaceful solution in Syria through inclusive peace talks rather than military invention. The consequences of military intervention are suffering of civilians. Let us choose peace over violence.

Peace in DR Congo. Rape and sexual violence have become the norm in this country. Women must be involved in all peace negotiations. The implementation of resolution 1325 is crucial for building a sustainable peace in this area.

A sustainable agenda post 2015. Time is running out. Through radical political will the world can redirect to a sustainable development, social, economical and environmental. Gender equality has to permeate all political decisions. Please let us act, together, now.

For further information:

073-91 04~636

Vice president
070-539 10 70

Second vice president
070-345 66 74

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